Windforce tires are manufactured by factories in China’s Shandong Province, now known as China’s rubber and tire manufacturing center. The Windforce brand is known primarily as a manufacturer of truck tires. Windforce tires have been designed to take into account the high load on trucks and the requirements of efficient operation in difficult road conditions. Having achieved significant success in China, Windforce has entered the international market.

Windforce WH1020 tyres


The Windforce WH1020 commercial tire is used on the steering and trailer axles and is designed to cover long distances. It is characterized by the improved grip properties on a slippery covering, possibility of operation throughout the year, fuel economy.

Application: steer, trailer

Advantages: long run, low noise, fuel economy


The commercial Windforce WA1060 tire is used in medium-duty trucks and special equipment based on them. Universal in application as it is established both on a drive, and on a steering and trailer axles. It is characterized by excellent handling even on bad roads, high for its category load capacity and fuel economy.

Application: steer, drive, trailer

Advantages: long run, resistance to damage and ruptures, high speed

Windforce WA1060 tyres
Windforce WD2020 tyres


The Windforce WD2020 commercial tire is mounted on the drive axle. It is characterized by high economic efficiency. This model can be operated throughout the year and has a high ride. In motion, it is characterized by excellent longitudinal traction on slippery surfaces and stability at high speeds.

Application: drive

Advantages: long run, considerable loading capacity, exceptional durability


The Windforce WD2060 truck tire is mounted on the drive axle of trucks, dump trucks and other special wheeled vehicles. Designed for operation on poor quality roads. It is characterized by excellent loading capacity, long life and good road grip properties in adverse weather conditions.

Application: drive

Advantages: long run, considerable loading capacity, long life

Windforce WD2060 tyres
Windforce WT3000 tyres


The commercial Windforce WT3000 regional tire is mounted on a trailer axle. Adapted for use on highways. In such conditions it demonstrates exchange rate stability, high deceleration efficiency, fuel economy and reduced heating.

Application: trailer

Advantages: significant load capacity, low rolling resistance, low noise


The Windforce WH1000 truck tire is designed to be mounted on a trailer axle and is also used on the steering axle. It shows itself best on good roads and highways. Has excellent resistance to aquaplaning and skidding.

Application: trailer

Advantages: long run, low rolling resistance, low noise

Windforce WH1000 tyres

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