Uniroyal is associated with high-tech rain tires. All new developments of the company are aimed at maximizing the safety of driving on wet surfaces. 30 years of continuous work in this direction has allowed Uniroyal to occupy and retain a unique position on the market as “Tires for the Rain”.

Uniroyal RainExpert 3

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 – high-performance rain tires with water repellent effect. Asymmetric tread pattern provides reliable protection against aquaplaning. Due to the composition of the rubber compound, the RainExpert 3 tires feature low rolling resistance, making it economical to use. The clutch performance positively influences the safety of driving due to a short braking distance and a quick response to control signals. This model – one of the first in the category “Best tires for wet roads.”

RainSport 3

Uniroyal RainSport 3 – model of summer tires, which shows a high performance on sports tracks and on urban routes. The tread pattern is specially designed for wet roads, and therefore provides reliable protection against aquaplaning. The rubber material has a scaly structure, which increases contact with the road and prevents slipping. Thanks to the endurance, the RainSport 3 cope with high loads at high speeds and at the same time emit a minimum of noise. Balanced indicators of this model and its advantages over competitors in “wet” disciplines are confirmed by numerous tests from ADAC. A great combination of “road safety / stylish design / sporting character.”

Rain Expert

Uniroyal RainExpert – “Rain Expert” – this is how the developers from Uniroyal decided to characterize the resulting model, and it’s no coincidence: for several decades the company has been actively betting on modeling of anti-rain tire protectors and received many awards for its contribution to this industry. As can be seen from the Uniroyal RainExpert design, the idea to ensure maximum safety on the road in bad weather is still actively occupied by the minds of specialists and finds a solution in the form of very progressive methods.

Rain Max 3

(RU) Uniroyal Rain Max 3 – ориентирована на коммерческий легкогрузовой автотранспорт. Модель демонстрирует практически идеальные тягово-сцепные характеристики на самых различных дорожных покрытиях. Феноменальная управляемость и устойчивость поведения автомобильной шины стали следствием применения цифровой технологии компьютеризированного моделирования строения и протектора. Пара центральных рядов, состоящих из огромного количества функциональных блоков, обеспечивают надежную курсовую устойчивость и оперативный отклик колес машины к рулевым командам, что существенно облегчает процесс управления транспортным средством даже в сложных условиях.

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