Sailun was founded in 2002 in China.

Sailun is the first tire manufacturer to combine production, research and demonstration techniques with the development of new products. Experts who came to work in Sailun actively implement world experience and innovative research and development in the design and manufacture of world-class tires for all types of vehicles, incl. use such design techniques and three-dimensional visualization, which allow to reduce the design period, improve the quality of performance and reduce costs.


The S637+ is a versatile all-position tyre for regional use featuring five extra-wide ribs for exceptional stability. An extra-wide solid shoulder resists damage during high-scrub applications, while a mirrored tread design ensures even tread wear. Wide grooves effectively improve wet performance while the special tread compound improves tread life.

Features & Benefits:
– Tread sipes improve traction in wet conditions and allow the tyre to run cool to extend tread life.
– Shallow tread design reduces rolling resistance for better fuel economy.
– Unique tread wall grooves and sipes help reduce irregular wear.


The S696 is a low section tyre designed to replace the traditional double-tyre style. The special tread rubber design allows the tyre to run cool. Strengthened design improves driving safety.

Features & Benefits:
– Small grooves allow the tyre to run cool and provide better grip to improve skid resistance.
– Closed-shoulder design enhances tread wear resistance and effectively uneven wear.
– Zigzagged grooves reduce stone retention.
– Super wide running surface, shoulder design, and special tread formula improve tread life.


The S701 is a drive-position tyre for long-distance transportation applications. The specialised rubber tread compound provides excellent anti-scrub resistance. The varied pitch tread design and narrow horizontal grooves effectively reduce tyre noise for a more comfortable ride.

Features & Benefits:
– Three main tread grooves provide excellent handling stability for a more comfortable ride.
– Widened tread-to-road contact surface evens out pressure for improved driving stability.
– Narrow grooves are optimized to reduce noise emissions.


The S815 is a mixed service tread tyre featuring a chip-resistant compound ideally suited for off-road and construction applications. A zigzag main groove pattern reduces stone retention, while maximizing traction under all applications. Sidewall protectors are engineered to provide an enhanced casing protection.

Features & Benefits:
– Large deep shoulder groove improve traction and help the tyre run cool.
– Interlocking lugs promote improve stability and uniform wear.
– Wide footprint and unique shoulder design improve stability.
– Specially formulated compound and deep tread depth improve tread life.


The S702’s optimized tread formula improves wear resistance by ensuring the tyre runs cool. A rib between the pattern blocks help reduce partial wear and improve scrub resistance.

Features & Benefits:
– Widened tread grooves improve self-cleaning capabilities for grip.
– The rib between pattern blocks is designed to improve stiffness and reduce partial wear.
– Widened running surface allows for better driving stability.