In late 2015, a new player, Orium, appeared on the European tire market. The tires under this brand are manufactured by Tigar from Serbia, and the line consists mainly of tires for passenger cars and small trucks.

In addition, they are produced under the close attention of the company Michelin. This suggests that the production of tires, Oriium, uses innovative technologies that increase road safety.


Orium High Perfomance is a model for cars designed for comfortable movement in urban conditions. The combination of qualities like wear resistance, high grip and low rolling resistance made the Orium High Perfomance tire easy to use. Rubber mixture with the addition of silicone is resistant to damage and abrasion, so that the tread retains its depth for a long time.


Orium Ultra High Performance (UHP) is a model for city roads. Developed for European weather conditions, and therefore excellently manifests itself as a dry and wet surface. The rubber compound of the Orium Ultra High Performance tire contains silicone and polymer additives, which make the tread layer more rigid. The rigid protector is erased much more slowly at high speeds, therefore it retains its efficiency for a long time. Maneuverable movement of the car is provided with a lightweight frame.

301 Touring

Orium 301 Touring is a comfortable model of summer tires for city roads. Thanks to the tread pattern, it reliably protects against sliding on wet surfaces, and significantly reduces the stopping distance. Lightweight body design provides excellent course stability on corners. The technology of computer modeling allowed to provide weather conditions for the European climate and to offer a competent solution for comfortable driving. Also, the Orium 301 Touring tires have a low noise level.

Orium 401 High Performance

Orium 401 High Performance – a model of summer tires for comfortable trips on urban routes. This is facilitated by a directional tread pattern and a lightweight body design. High maneuverability of the car is achieved due to quick response to control signals. The rubber compound of the summer tires Orium 401 High Performance was created with the addition of silicone, which strengthened the strength of the tread layer and made it more adaptable to external factors. Effective drainage system prevents aquaplaning and slasplenning, while working with a minimum noise level.

Orium 701 SUV

Orium 701 SUV – off-road tires with excellent braking performance. The model compares favorably with analogues with a lower noise level, as well as increased safety of off-road driving. High grip in the contact patch is provided by a symmetrical tread pattern with a large number of sipes. Reinforced sidewalls block strong impacts, which prevents damage. With Orium 701 SUV tires, you can easily gain speed – they have increased resistance to wear and heavy loads.

Orium Touring

Orium Touring is a model created in 2018 for passenger cars, characterized by high fuel economy, resistance to aquaplaning, excellent coupling properties and durability. The design of the symmetrical directional tread pattern of the Oium Touring tire was carried out using computer 3D modeling technology. Thanks to this, it was possible to improve the performance of the model, to increase the level of acoustic comfort and traffic safety, in comparison with the products of past generations. The modernization of the tread and the improvement of the rubber compound of the tire resulted in a 15% increase in service life, a 7% reduced braking distance and an increase in fuel economy by 16%. Strengthening and some improvements have also undergone the internal design of rubber, which is resistant to mechanical stress and deformation. The tire withstands loads, demonstrates performance and endurance.

LT 101

Orium LT 101 (Light Truck) – light truck tires with low rolling resistance, which allow you to get full pleasure from driving. The rugged design of the body is designed for high loads, so even with the car fully loaded, the car retains its maneuverability. The control became even simpler due to quick response to the steering signals and precise entry into the turns. The tires of the Aurium LT 101 are characterized by economical fuel consumption and minimal noise.