The company “Brisa” (Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tire Manufacturing & Trading Inc.), known under the brand name “Lassa”, was founded in 1974 by a group of companies “Sabanci Group”, one of the leading industrial conglomerates in Turkey. In 1988, it significantly increased the capacity and range of products, entering the corporation “Bridgestone”. This partnership served as the basis for the creation of modern high-tech production. The trade mark “Lassa” is backed by huge resources and investments – that promotes the creation of high-quality products.



New generation midi bus-light truck tire providing powerful traction under all weather conditions.A durable and long lasting solution with its all steel body.

Superior traction ability on all surfaces
Wide base tread and numerous blocks provide superior traction and long wear life. Deep treaded tread provides long life and superior traction on snowy surface.

Long life, design avoiding stone retention and low fuel consumption
Optimum all steel body profile provide long life, superior retread ability and low fuel consumption. Stone ejectors in the main grooves prevent stone retention and related cuts.

Powerful traction on wet surface
By means of the tiny ductules on the blocks, wet surface performance is increased.



LS/M 4000 is a multipurpose midibus/truck tyre, and it has the property to be used in both axles. It is particularly suitable for applications where it is preferred for tyres at the axles to have the same property and where good traction is required for all kinds of weather and road conditions. LS/M 4000, which is resistant against stone holding and irregular abrasion, offers users strength and long service life. Furthermore it is sensitive to environment and economy thanks to its recoatability property.



Midibus-light truck tire that ensures high steering control under all kinds of weather conditions for safe journeys… With its full steel body, it offers endurance and long service life.

Resistant against irregular abrasion
With its special shoulder structure, it minimizes the risk of irregular abrasion on shoulders. And the balancing threads that enable the regular distribution of load on the tire base prevent the irregular abrasion that may occur on the cushion gum.

Long service life, endurance and recoatability
With its wide base, it provides superior road handling on dry grounds and long service life. Its strong steel body ensures safe use and increases the coatability capacity of the tyre. Its improved heel structure provides durability and safety.

Superior performance on wet grounds
Its new improved tread blend provides superior steering control on wet grounds. While deep vertical channels provide superior traction on wet grounds throughout the life of the tire, its modern tread pattern provides perfect road handling on wet grounds and decreases stopping distance.



Goes to Every Road

Durable and long life, traction type light commercial vehicle tire allowing use also on rough roads

Powerful Traction
’’Off-road’ type tread pattern provides full traction on earth and muddy roads. Straight tread type tread pattern allows using on both rear and front wheel drive vehicles.

Long life and resistance against rough road conditions
Tread compound resistant to cuts and chipping allow driving on rough roads and provide long life. It is long life, thanks to deep treaded and wide based tread pattern.

Possibility to use on all roads
Strong body and heel structure allows using on rough roads. Wide shoulder grooves provide powerful traction, does not retain snow and mud.



Safe Performance

Long life midi bus-light truck tire providing high maneuvering ability and steering control.

Safe, stable and controlled drive
Rib type contemporary tread pattern provides full steering control. Broad shoulders provide stability when cornering and changing lanes. Advanced heel region design provides safe driving, increase the balance of the tire when cornering.

Retread ability feature and long life
Advanced belt structure provide retread ability and safe use under heavy duty conditions. It is long life, thanks to heavy duty type tread compound.

Optimum performance on wet surface
Thanks to the four groove tread pattern, road handling ability on wet surface is increased.



Powerful Traction on All Surfaces

Durable and long life, traction type midi bus-light truck tire allowing use also on rough roads

Long life, durability and retread ability
Has long wear life, thanks to durable tread compound and deep grooves. Tread compounds generating low heat and strong body structure provide safe use and high retread ability.

Stable and safe drive
Advanced heel region design provide durability and full stability when cornering. Optimum block geometry increase the lateral stability when cornering and lane changing.

Excellent traction performance
Large block tread pattern provides powerful traction under all road conditions, while wide shoulder grooves help the drainage of water and mud , thus increasing the traction of the tire.



A new LSR family pattern for maximum performance

Longer life with improved compund

Strong carcass and comfort

Desinged to fully meet the needs of midibus and light truck segment

Lower rolling resistance

Fuel efficient

Reinforced carcass structure

Reinforced carcass structure against irregular wear.