The company “Brisa” (Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tire Manufacturing & Trading Inc.), known under the brand name “Lassa”, was founded in 1974 by a group of companies “Sabanci Group”, one of the leading industrial conglomerates in Turkey. In 1988, it significantly increased the capacity and range of products, entering the corporation “Bridgestone”. This partnership served as the basis for the creation of modern high-tech production. The trade mark “Lassa” is backed by huge resources and investments – that promotes the creation of high-quality products.

Impetus Revo

Summer tires Lassa Impetus Revo is perfect for middle class car owners. In the production of this model, Lassa engineers made every effort to produce a highly comfortable and safe product for a soft and reliable ride. A special asymmetric tread pattern provides excellent grip with asphalt in all weather conditions. Improved composition of the rubber compound will help reduce the braking segment. The tires Impetus Revo equally well demonstrate their characteristics on the roads in the city and on the roads.


Lassa Driveways is a summer tire that is designed for cars and SUV crossovers. The special composition of the rubber mixture with the addition of polymers ensures reliable adhesion to the roadway in all weather conditions. Due to the specially developed tread pattern, which contains a small amount of coarse elements, the noise level has been reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the tire has enough deep channels to divert water on the road, which ensures a confident control during precipitation.


Summer tires Lassa Greenways has been developed by engineers with the use of unique eco-technologies. These technologies have made it possible to significantly reduce rolling resistance and make a more economical model. A special asymmetrical tread pattern has several zones that guarantee a reliable water drainage and excellent resistance to aquaplaning. The designers developed a special, lightweight version of the carcass of the tire, which ensured smooth running of the car and reliable driving on any type of roadway. The improved Greenways model meets environmental standards, while having a long life span.

Transway 2

Summer tires Lassa Transway 2 is good for owners of minibuses and vans. The tread pattern was specially designed by engineers to ensure the best grip of the car’s wheels with the roadway in all weather conditions. The special position of the blocks on the tread makes the rubber noiseless in use and guarantees excellent rolling resistance. A sturdy frame carries the maximum permissible loads at moments of steep maneuvering. The composition of the rubber compound of the Lassa Transway bus includes silicon, which gives this model excellent traction.


Lassa Atracta is a summer tire that combines innovative Turkish-Japanese technologies that have allowed to improve efficiency and extend the period of use. Introduced innovations affected the quality of the tread, which was reinforced with a nylon layer. A special composition of the rubber compound allowed to create a tire with a good resistance to erasure. The tread blocks guarantee a safe grip with the roadway in all weather conditions. Model Lassa Atracta has sidewalls with increased rigidity, which provides greater wear resistance of the tire.

Competus HP

The Lassa Competus HP summer tire is designed for use on all-wheel drive vehicles and is suitable for all types of roads. Asymmetric tread pattern and deep channels guarantee maximum water drainage with little noise. The special arrangement of lamellas on the tread eliminates aquaplaning. A well thought out pattern provides excellent grip in the contact spot. Thanks to the diligent work of engineers on the composition of the rubber compound Lassa Competus HP has a long period of use. The main advantages are instantaneous response to steering wheel signals and clear maneuvering in all weather conditions.

Competus H/L

Summer model Lassa Competus H/L is suitable for owners of crossovers and SUVs. Engineers managed to create a special tread pattern and the newest composition of the rubber compound, which allow the car to steadily hold on any kind of roadway. The protector is made of wear-resistant materials, which gives the tire a long service life. Lassa Competus H / L guarantees quiet comfortable driving thanks to the lightweight tire construction and thoughtful design. This model has low acoustic activity and excellent indicators of comfortable movement.

Competus AT 2

The all-season tire model for the Lassa Competus AT 2 SUVs has excellent off-road accessibility, and also superbly shows itself on an asphalt road. The formula of the rubber mixture has been improved by polymer compounds, which strengthen the resistance to abrasion. The rigid blocks of the tread pattern are designed for the rapid removal of porridge and water from under wheels, provides a tight grip in the contact spot.

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