Sailun was founded in 2002 in China.

Sailun is the first tire manufacturer to combine production, research and demonstration techniques with the development of new products. Experts who came to work in Sailun actively implement world experience and innovative research and development in the design and manufacture of world-class tires for all types of vehicles, incl. use such design techniques and three-dimensional visualization, which allow to reduce the design period, improve the quality of performance and reduce costs.


Specially developed HP fuel-saving tyre for smaller city-cars and compact vehicles with optimised pattern design. Optimal safety level even under wet road conditions, low RR-compound for better fuel economy and very low tyre noise. High steering response and excellent braking.


ATREZZO ELITE – high-performance, heat resistant summer tires of high quality. A model for a passenger vehicle was designed. The production of the presented rubber is based on applying only the best and advanced technologies, which maximally affect the characteristics of stroke, traction and traction. The company Sailun has put on sale gorgeous tires for movement in conditions of strong heat, rubber perfectly maintains driving on hot asphalt, without sticking to it and not melting.

The three central ribs of the Sailun Atrezzo Elite tire improve handling and give stability to a given course. The design of the tire tread blocks is optimized in such a way that the contact patch has been enlarged. It gives the best and reliable stability of the rubber on bends and during active maneuvers.


The COMMERCIO VX1 is a light truck tire engineered for commercial delivery and demanding regional applications. Featuring an enhanced compound to resist tire damage, as well as a reinforced casing to improve load capacity. The Commercio VX1 delivers exceptional mileage and tread life. New profile design with a significantly improved carrying capacity. Strengthened tread construction, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance. Special tread formula enhances traction and improves skid resistance.


The TERRAMAX CVR is an all-season tire specifically engineered for SUV and crossovers. The CVR delivers exceptional handling and stability for today’s crossover vehicles without compromising ride comfort.

– Smooth and quiet ride for a more comfortable driving experience.
– Top all-around performance on wet and dry roads.
– Excellent handling and a stable ride, especially at high speeds.
– Durable and long lasting design.
– Suitable for off-road usage.
– H, V, W rated construction.


The TERRAMAX A/T is designed to deliver superior traction for SUVs, pickups and vans both off and on road. The A/T provides exceptional handling and on-and-off-road stability while maintaining a comfortable ride.

– Aggressive open shoulder tread design expels water, snow, slush and mud for optimum traction in all terrain conditions

– Solid centre rib provides superior ride comfort and control

– Extra deep tread sipes at varying angles improves comfort without sacrificing traction


– High Speed Performance: Widened tread surface design; when in contact with the ground the specially structured crown evenly distributes force to achieve precise control at high speeds.
– Comfortable Ride: Groove pattern improves driving stability and works with the optimized variable pitch arrangement to reduce noise emissions.


ATREZZO SVR LX is a high-performance tire designed for off-road cars, sports cars and crossovers.
In this tire, the sporty design is combined with a modern tread design. ATREZZO SVR LX provides unrivaled performance, comfort and high wear resistance, and also emphasizes the look of your car.