Gislaved stands for 110 years of experience with a focus on tyres for difficult road conditions.
Its Swedish heritage and respective target groups ensure that tyres by Gislaved fulfill Scandinavian requirements. Accordingly, they will pass every acid test and master all weather conditions. Gislaveds leading position is expanded by constant development of new, improved designs of tyres for passenger cars, SUVs and vans.


URBAN – for town and country

– Improved handling performance

– Increased mileage performance and longer tyre service life

– Quieter, comfortable ride


ULTRA – up to 300 km/h. For middle-class and upper-class vehicles. Combines optimal handling features with high mileage.
Optimal handling and cornering stability on dry roads
Increased mileage performance and longer tyre service life
Reduced noise level for more driving comfort


COM – for safe transport.

– Improved handling even with heavy loads
– Increased mileage performance and highly economical
– Reduced noise level


Innovative technology. Outstanding effect.

– Great grip on ice due to innovative studs
– Short breaking distances on icy roads
– Perfect force transmission