Extended warranty

Having bought a kit of Lassa tires in one of the certified centers, you have the right to have a damaged tire repaired on a free of charge basis during the year.

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Buying of Lassa tires
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In the case of damage


You damaged the tire
Full list of warranty damages

Warranty page

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After carrying out a tech inspection and fixing the damage, you will have the tire repaired under warranty

Warranty terms and conditions:

  1. The warranty applies to the auto tires of TM Lassa, designed and suitable for the use on passenger cars and off-road vehicles with the curb weight up to 3.5 tons. Tires designed for the commercial vehicles are not covered by the warranty.
  2. The warranty period is two years.
  3. The warranty applies to the auto tires with a residual tire tread depth of at least 4 (four) millimeters.
  4. If a defect is found during the tire fitting, a refund or replacement of tires to other ones is carried out by the dealer from whom the purchase was made, if there are no mechanical damages caused during tire fitting.
  5. The warranty is valid in the case of a puncture, cut of the tread part and is carried out only if the diameter of the damage is not more than 5 (five) millimeters.
  6. Under the terms of the warranty, tire repair is carried out in accordance with the season of tire operation. Summer tires from 15.03 to 15.10 (in the first and the second year of operation), winter tires from 15.10 to 15.03 (in the first and the second year of operation as well).
  7. The manufacturing defect warranty applies to the tires with a residual tread depth of at least 1.6 mm (wear indicator) and a purchase date not older than five years.
  8. To determine the cause of the manufacturing defect, the tire can be withdrawn for the period necessary for the examination. If the result of the examination confirms the presence of a manufacturing defect, the tire must be replaced under warranty.
  1. When buying TM Lassa tires from an authorized dealer, automatic registration is carried out on the website of the Ascania Auto company. The buyer, having received the password from the personal account, must log in and activate the warranty for the purchased tires.
  2. In the event of a warranty case, it is necessary to contact a certified tire center (you can find the list of certified centers in your personal account).
  1. The following tire damages were revealed: fracture of the carcass, rupture, sagging, melting of the inner sealing layer, formed as a result of operating tires with underestimated pressure and (or) operating a tire after a complete loss of pressure.
  2. Out-of-season operation of tires (winter, summer).
  3. Damages as a result of improper storage or resulting from fuel and lubrication materials exposure, chemicals and fire exposure.
  4. Damages as a result of a road traffic accident caused by elements of the vehicle body components or car suspension.
  5. Damages caused by uneven tread wear, radial or axial runout of tires.
  6. Intentional damage – acts of vandalism on the part of the buyer, third parties, actions of law enforcement authorities aimed at forcible stospping a vehicle or as a result of poor-quality tire fitting.
  7. Damages caused by a natural disaster (flood, earthquake, hurricane).
  8. The warranty does not cover damages to the sidewall: rupture, swelling, hernia, cut, delamination; damage to the tire shoulder, bead ring. This kind of damages can be covered under the manufacturing defect warranty.
  9. Inconsistency of the data validity specified in the warranty card.
  10. Inconsistency of tire size, load index and speed index recommended for the vehicle.
  11. The tires have been operated with the wrong inflation pressure (too low or too high).
  12. Loss of thorns.
  13. Damage to auto-tires due to vehicle operation in extreme mode: sports, drifting, slalom (uneven wear of the tread around an auto-tire), etc.