Federal Tire was founded in Taiwan in 1954. A few years later, a long-term scientific and technical cooperation was initiated with the Bridgestone Corporation (from 1960 to 1979), after which the cooperation began with Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a co-owner of the Dunlop brand (from 1981 to 2000). This experience allowed the Federal to master many necessary skills and know-how in the production of tires under its own brand – Federal. To date, the company has a broad and stable distribution network – more than 120 dealers in over 80 countries. High-tech production, modern design, strict quality control and high safety standards enable the Federal to successfully develop innovative and high-quality tires of almost all types: passenger, off-road, commercial, UHP tires.


The new asymmetric light tire from Federal, excellent performance in combination with an unprecedented low noise level and good adhesion to the wet surface. AZ01 is the result of large-scale tests and engineering surveys and solutions in the field of compositions, tread patterns that are aimed at achieving the best combination of performance, comfort, safety and efficiency.


Formoza GIO is a passenger radial tire that is designed for a variety of road conditions, internal grooves on the shoulders of tires and evenly distributed grooves on the tire are designed to reduce noise, a special rubber compound improves grip, and a new tread design prevents uneven wear. The main characteristics of this tire: high controllability, low noise level and economy of gasoline consumption.

Couragia F/X

The main purpose of the development of the Couragia F / X was to match the product line of the three B-High-performance cars), High center of gravity and High suspension. Asymmetric protector, the inner and outer parts of which carry different functionalities, excellent design – all this carries the pleasure of driving thanks to maneuverability, comfort and silence for drivers and passengers.

Couargia XUV

A new turing tire for SUVs and crossovers with unsurpassed stability, comfort and new technologies.