The Continental concern, founded in Hannover (Germany) in 1871, is one of the leading suppliers of automotive components. The concern employs more than 178 thousand highly qualified employees working in 269 enterprises in 46 countries. This workforce allows us to drive the development of the automotive industry towards sustainability. Technology and experience are the foundation that enables us to make a significant contribution to shaping the automotive trends of the future. The concern offers intelligent and innovative solutions that make vehicles safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Our expertise goes beyond just producing premium tires. Specializing in virtually every segment of automotive technology, we are driving the future every day.

IceContact™ 3

IceContact™ 3

Fantastic ice grip for a revolutionary winter driving experience.

Greatly improved handling on snow and in slush conditions.

Maximum performance throughout the tire’s operational life.

Viking Contact™ 7

Viking Contact™ 7

Excellent grip on winter roads and wet surfaces;

Excellent directional stability in any winter conditions;

Impressive traction and braking performance on snowy roads.


IceContact™ 2

Improved grip due to 50% more studs per meter of rolling circumference and optimal distribution

Safer thanks to the innovative StudOn Retention Technology

Shorter braking distances on ice due to optimized “pockets” for capturing and removing ice chips from the stud body


ContiViking Contact™ 6

Improved traction and handling on snow

Greatly improved grip on ice

Adaptive Twin Block technology for excellent grip and handling on dry roads

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