Brisa company (Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tire Manufacturing & Trading Inc), known under the Lassa brand, was founded in 1974 by the Sabanci Group, one of Turkey’s leading industrial conglomerates. In 1988, it significantly expanded its capacity and product range by joining the Bridgestone Corporation. This partnership served as the basis for the creation of a modern high-tech production. The Lassa brand is backed by tremendous resources and investment – which contributes to the creation of high quality products.



These tires demonstrate confident handling and stability on snow-covered, icy and wet roads. The optimized tread pattern contributes to excellent traction and grip on the road surface. The overall design of the tire is designed in such a way that even when driving on rough roads and in unstable weather conditions it demonstrates constant technical characteristics. Special drainage channels effectively drain water and snow slurry from the contact area, thereby preventing the risk of aquaplaning. The high-quality rubber compound contributes to the endurance and long life of the tire and its resistance to extremely low temperatures.



Thanks to the tread with a wide base and a pattern with frequent deep and zigzag grooves (sipes), the contact area with the icy surface increases. Thanks to special holes located around the tire perimeter, which provide the ability to mount anti-skid studs, the vehicle’s traction ability on an icy surface has increased. The deep inner tread layer provides a tight grip on the studs, preventing them from coming out of the mounting spot. Three-dimensional, wavy, deep grooves close at the moment of maneuvering, which increases the steering ability and thus eliminates winter rubber problems, especially when driving on dry surfaces. The tire’s geometrical design, consisting of a stepped shoulder structure and grooves with deep and sharp ridges and grooves, maximizes traction and handling on snowy surfaces.



Wide and angular tread profile, which ensures level pressure distribution at the moment of contact of the tire tread with the surface, increases rubber grip on icy surfaces and improves brake performance. The Snoways tread pattern, with its frequent, thin and deep grooves, has been designed to not only increase the tire’s grip on icy surfaces, but also provide a smooth ride. The design of the grooves in the tire design prevents snow from accumulating in the grooves, and the stepped shoulder blocks provide the Snoways 2C tires with additional traction in deep snow. The directional tread pattern of the tire ensures maximum water drainage from the contact area when driving at high speeds, minimizing the possibility of slipping on wet surfaces.



Lassa Snoways 4 are non-studded winter tires for passenger vehicles, which appeared in the range of the Turkish brand in 2018, which are characterized by optimal maneuverability on wet surfaces, high resistance to aquaplaning, effective braking on snow and a long operational life.

Directional symmetrical V-groove tread ensures quick evacuation of snow, water and slush from the contact area. Thanks to this, the winter tires Lassa Snoways 4 resist aquaplaning well and provide stable driving, which does not depend on the surprises of winter weather.



The reliable business partner high performance for your light commercial vehicle in winter for those who are looking for superior winter performance. Improved performance on snowy and icy surfaces. Excellent surface traction.

For those who are looking for the long life of winter tires!



Challenge winter!

Superior performance standards for your vehicle. Even better performance on wet and snowy roads than the previous generation. Performance approved by tüv süd independent test organization.



Improved grip on snowy and icy surfaces. Thanks to a new generation tread compound, it provides stronger traction on both snowy and icy surfaces.

Excellent  traction and draft effect performance. The deep grooves and the structure of the polygonal blocks of the original tread pattern provide better traction in cold winter conditions. Thanks to the thin grooves on top of the tread blocks, the ability to grip on snowy, icy and wet surfaces is increased. The stepped structure of the shoulder blocks provides additional traction in deep snow.

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